Thursday, July 3, 2014

Punching and shaping digital scrapbook papers.

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Cricut Cartridge and Digi Edges:
Summer Soirees

I was browsing the Circut website when I came across THEE cutest edge trimmed bags and papers. I couldn't believe they had a cartridge for this. I love them! I'm going to have the best goodies to give away. I do the cut edge for my designs digitally in Photoshop Elements. Take this freebie for example:
Here I used the PSE shape tool, put together a bunch of circles in an uneven row to get the scalloped look. I merged those circles together and cut half of them off to make the top straight edge. Then I used the shape tool again to make the tiny hearts/dots. I used a lot of copy/paste/merge layers until I had one strand of tiny heart/dot trim. I selected it and cut away the shapes in the original merged circles layer. Voila, punched trims. The satin look comes from putting a fill layer on top and using a hideous pink satin effect in PSE. I simplify that layer, remove the color, and ghost it over my creation... Voila once more: satin, punched trim. 

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This bag craft is darling. I love technology.
If you're not in the mood to physically handle paper, hop on over to ScrapGraphics.Com and pick up some freebie digital scrapbook element punch trims there. Here are our new color key five Trim 1's

And don't forget our AWESOME trims right here at GrannyEnchanted.Com

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