Friday, May 2, 2014

Alkaline Ionized Water - The Granny Enchanted Story

You can read my story about living with pkd/pld here. I need to qualify that my potassium levels are normal. As kidney function declines, kidney patients become unable to process potassium. Most alkaline water ionizers use potassium so I don’t recommend them for people who cannot handle their potassium. Check with a doctor if your kidneys are compromised. I suggest sodium citrate as an alkalizer for people who are potassium unable (but check with your doctor!).

With that being said, can I just tell you I love alkaline-ionized water!!!! The molecules are tiny so it gets into your cells better, carrying alkaline water to more parts of your body. This is fantastic as current medical science and studies are showing that staying alkaline is the key to health. If they biopsy cancer they find acid. Low oxygen acid areas are where cancer grows. I do eat a lot of greens to stay alkaline. After all, I want to rest my kidneys. They aren’t as awesome as most people’s because they’re filled with cysts. Any break from processing acids I can give them helps me to live longer.

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I have blood sugar problems. I had a lot of dumb doctors when I was a teen. Again and again I visited them with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and again and again they failed to diagnose it until I was a young adult. Now, since hypoglycemia is often a precursor to diabetes, I have high blood sugar problems. When I eat, if I eat the wrong things, I grow drowsy and can’t even drive. When I have problems like this (particularly when I’ve had low will-power around Halloween candy and Easter chocolate) I just start drinking more alkaline-ionized water. It has always helped me maintain my blood sugar. (On occasion I also ingest peppermint oil that I put in a little capsule. You do burp a bit…which isn’t bad unless you’ve just eaten lasagna or something that tastes better without mint - if you know what I mean. And it’s easier to carry around than water. The # 1 way to treat my blood sugar problem is just eating whole grains and no processed sugars).

It was my Aunt that first introduced me to alkaline-ionized water. She had a Kangen water machine. They cost about $5,000 because of a marketing system where the person who sells it to you gets a $500 bonus and on up the line travels the money to the person who sold it to them and so forth. That’s why the Tyent prices are pretty great. They just plain old sell the machine to the customer. I have a B.S. in finance and that’s my favorite kind of marketing.

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Let me tell you what sold my Aunt on alkaline-ionized water. She had breast cancer and it was treated successfully with chemo. Unfortunately she also has lupus so the chemo made an already difficult situation much, much worse. Chemo was awful for her and full of the usual side effects, only multiplied by the lupus. You can imagine her despair when she was once again diagnosed with cancer, having barely survived the chemo. So there she was again, undergoing chemo, when she discovered alkaline-ionized water. She tells me that the doctors were dumbfounded. She wasn’t losing her hair, wasn’t suffering from severe anemia, all those nasty chemo side effects were barely bothering her like they did the first time and she knew it had to be the water.

My uncle, her husband, had a peculiar side effect too. He had diabetes. I wish I could tell you what type, but I don’t know. He had, I say, because when he began drinking the water he discovered what I discovered. It goes a long way towards stabilizing crazy blood sugar levels.

The tiny molecules in the water increase potency of medication because they better carry medication to your cells. So I don’t take medication (I rarely take meds anyway) within a half hour of drinking the water. However, ON THE FLIP SIDE, I do take my vitamins with it. I want those to be extra potent.

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Here are two of my favorite stories:

Story 1: I saw a video online of a man who had gangrene in his legs (I presume from diabetes) and was going to have to have them amputated. I believe this took place in Korea. He went to the hospital and gave him a steady intake of alkaline-ionized water and soaked his feet/legs in the acid water that is also produced by the machine (you never drink the acid water, but man oh man does it clean! Great for swishing and canker sores too). The man recovered fully, walking out of the hospital on his own two feet and legs. Anyway, lest you think I’m taking you on a non-personal trip to Korea, I’ll continue with MY story. My father contracted Hepatitis C. Yep, the bad kind that can kill you. And it kills you most quickly if you’ve been abusing your liver with alcohol. I love my father but he was guilty as charged of drinking most of my life. I am sorry to say he passed away in 2012 after a valiant battle with end stage liver disease. I never could get him to drink my alkaline-ionized water. However, when he was suffering from the diabetes that comes with his disease he did contract gangrene…and guess what video I had watched! I had another relative that had just had a leg amputated because of diabetes and my father was trying to be brave about it. He loved pirates and was joking that he’d finally get his peg leg. I took over my “Magic” water (really just some acid water from my alkaline ionized water machine) and told him it would cure him. Boy, did he think I was a nutter. He must have reconsidered after I left because the next day he called me, completely flummoxed, because there was a huge improvement in his leg where he’d let a wet acid water soaked cloth lay on it. Within a week of continually applying the water the gangrene was gone. (You’d think he would have drunk the alkaline water I begged him to drink, but nope. Heavy sigh. I wish I had one more miracle story with him. I really do. I’m sure it would have helped something). That was another time when doctors were baffled by an unexpected recovery.

Story 2: This story has happened several times to us. We have a total of seven people in our family and when we get sick we’re generous and we share the virus. My family got sick so my son and I got sick. Oh the sniffling, the coughing, the sore-throating, the sneezing. I blew my red nose and looked over at my son, who was about 9 at the time. “How would you like to kick this virus to the curb?” I asked him. He was game. I’d read that a virus can only live in an acid environment. To quickly get rid of one, get alkaline. He and I drank 10.0ph alkaline water every two hours for the rest of the night. Oh, what a glorious morning it was when we sat with his siblings at the breakfast table watching them still sniffle and cough. They simply refused to join our little experiment. My son and I were super impressed with ourselves because we were no longer sick.

I learned almost everything I know about alkaline living from this book:

I highly recommend that you look into alkaline living and I hope you look into alkaline water. I’m so glad I did. ~ Sheryl Johnson (Granny Enchanted)

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Sugar said...

Very interesting Sheryl. I have been taking bi carb soda in water for the health effects. I am also having coconut oil in fruit salad most days for the health benefits too. I have also rearranged my eating habits (ie diet). With all of this, I have cut down my medication for GORD and stopped taking prednisone which was making my sugar levels high among a lot of other things. Since I have been doing this, I am feeling a lot better. My shaking has slowed down nearly to a stop and I have not lost the ability to initiate a step-there could be other reasons for that though. The other benefit was I have lost a lot of weight. It has not cured the mitochondrial disease but anything that lowers the symptoms is good.

Granny Enchanted said...

It is good to hear how being alkaline is helping you. I love that. I will alkalize with Bragg's Raw Apple Cider Vinegar also. It tastes terrible but taken straight three times a day knocks out a case of shingles quickly. Taking the vinegar in orange juice or following taking it straight with orange juice or buttermilk makes the taste go away faster. I try to keep a good attitude also because negative emotions can push your body chemistry to acidic. Sadly, I have an avocado addiction so I haven't' had your luck with the losing weight ;)