Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tuesday's Guest Freebies ~ Free Scrapbook Downloads

4 Guest Digital Scrapbook Freebies from Free Scrapbook Downloads
Rose Sentiment Romantic Scrapbook Papers  Red and Orange Scrapbook Papers
Mustachestic Moustache Scrapbooking Pages thumbnail  Aquamarine Digital Papers

 About our Guest Freebies:  We enjoy sharing gorgeous Digital Scrapbook Freebies we find every day. The digi scrap world is full of freebies from generous designers. These Freebies are linked to the original post where we found them. In most cases we have not created these freebies and are not promoting them for advertising $. Indeed, in most cases we've never met the designers. This is a service for GrannyEnchanted followers. You've told us you enjoy it so we are still highlighting guests. It is always nice to leave a "Thank you" on the guest's page if you download a freebie from them. We schedule these posts in advance and apologize if any freebies have expired by the time you see them. As always, a big thank you to the generous and talented designers featured here.


Christine McCabe said...

I can't upload these files.

Administrator said...

That is frustrating. I tried but cannot duplicate the problem on my end. When I follow the link on the images of these freebies and visit the host blog, then click on the download button below the large freebies it begins an automatic download of the zipped file of freebies for me. I would like to know if other visitors are experiencing the same problems you're having.