Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Free Digital Scrapbook Paper Pack!

This free digital scrapbook  paper pack is perfect for baby pages, girl pages, spring/Easter pages.
I love our fans! Thank you everyone for sticking with us through the years.


Another freebie:
September Beary Quick Page CU/PU/S4H

Shameless self advertising:
173 Candy Alpha Templates CU/PU/S4H175p-2 “Janmix Clean” Paper Pack CU/PU/S4H175p-1 “Janmix” Paper Pack CU/PU/S4H
170p “Sandy” Paper Pack CU/PU/S4H170e-2 “Sandy” Frame and Elements Pack CU/PU/S4H170e-1 “Sandy” Ribbon and Journaling Element Pack CU/PU/S4H
159p July Papers CU/PU/S4H"Snazzy" Bundle CU/PU/S4H"Snazzy" Element Pack 2 CU/PU/S4H
"Snazzy" Element Pack 1 CU/PU/S4H"Snazzy" Paper Pack 2 CU/PU/S4H"Snazzy" Paper Pack 1 CU/PU/S4H
7 Bumpkins Templates CU/PU/ S4H"Spring" Digital Scrapbook Mini Kit CU/PU/S4H“Party Basics” 3 Paper and 2 Elements Templates CU/PU/S4H
3 Flower Templates with Leaf and Stem CU/PU/ S4H“Pastel Me” 13 Scalloped Papers Pack CU/PU/S4H“Pastel Me” 13 Papers Pack CU/PU/S4H
"Berry Brown" Element Pack CU/PU/S4H"Berry Brown" Paper Pack 2 CU/PU/S4H“Berry Brown” Scalloped Heart Paper Template CU/PU/S4H
“That Boy’s a Star” Digital Scrapbook Kit CU/PU/S4H“Berry Brown” Paper Pack CU/PU/S4HClockworks Alphabets, Numbers, Chains, and Paper CU/PU/S4H
20 Vintage Children Brads CU/PU/S4H"Sha-Zing" Facebook Header and January Word Art"Babbers" Paper Pack CU/PU/S4H
"Babbers" Plaid Alphabet & Flowers CU/PU/S4H"Babbers" Scalloped Paper Pack CU/PU/S4H“Sha-Zing” Bundle CU/PU/S4H
“Sha-Zing” Trim Pack CU/PU/S4H“Sha-Zing” Element Pack CU/PU/S4H“Sha-Zing” Alphabet Pack CU/PU/S4H
“Sha-Zing” Paper Pack CU/PU/S4HMoonlight 7 Alphabets Set CU/PU/S4HMoonlight Trim Pack 111 CU/PU/S4H
Moonlight Scalloped Paper Pack 111 CU/PU/S4HMoonlight Paper Pack 111 CU/PU/S4HMoonlight Scatter Element Pack 111 CU/PU/S4H
Moonlight Bow Pack 111 CU/PU/S4H"Shore" Mini Kit CU/PU/S4HBeary Fine Templates CU/PU/S4H
"September Beary Scallops" CU/PU/S4HSeptember Papers CU/PU/S4HBaby Kit CU/PU/S4H
Baby Element Pack CU/PU/S4HBaby Alphabet- Blue Chevron CU/PU/S4HBaby Paper Pack CU/PU/S4H
6 "Belish" Wrinkled Papers CU/PU/S4H4 "Belish" Paper Templates CU/PU/S4H"Daisy Teal" 96 Paper Pack CU/PU/S4H
2 Bow Templates 96 CU/PU/S4H"Rustle" Papers Template Pack CU/PU/S4H"Rustle" 36 Papers CU/PU/S4H
Cross My Heart Kit CU/PU/S4H"Limonade Bundled kit" CU/PU/S4H"Limonade Alphabet" CU/PU/S4H
"Limonade Elements Pack" CU/PU/S4H"Gran's Whimsy" CU/PU/S4H"Sewing Alphabet" CU/PU/S4H
"Park Day" Template Pack CU/PU/S4H"Bumpkins" Kit 86 CU/PU/S4H"Strawberry Coco" Elements Pack CU/PU/S4H
"Strawberry Coco" Paper Pack CU/PU/S4H"Bubble Train" Kit CU/PU/S4HMale Caricatures 2 CU/PU/S4H
"Shabby Tan Paper Pack" 01 CU/PU/S4HVintage Vanity Fair Caricatures -Men CU"Vintage Guy" Mega Kit CU/PU/S4H
"Vintage Guy" Alphabet Pack CU/PU/S4H"Pink Limonade" Paper Pack CU/PU/S4H"Vintage Guy" Element Pack CU/PU/S4H
Cow Jumps Over the Moon KitVintage Guy Trim Elements Pack CU/PU/S4HVintage Guy Paper Pack
Just 4 Kicks PUThe Make-A-Kit Kit"Kid Alphabet" from Granny Enchanted CU
It's A Boy Thang Kit PUCheetah Pink Digital Scrapbook Kit PUSpring Sprung Kit PU

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