Sunday, December 7, 2014

Free Digital Scrapbook Quick Page and tutorial.

Free Digital Scrapbook Quick Page and tutorial

I have a freebie Quick page for you at the Daisies and Dimples Store.
Want to know how I made those letters? See the tutorial below.

I used these kits to make the above quick page.


Let me give you a quick tutorial on how I created the letters in the quick page. You can click the tutorial images to enlarge them.
⊰ Open one of the Candy Alphabet letter template files (psd) in Photoshop Elements.
⊰ Looking on the right of your screen, make sure you are on the candy stripe layer.
⊰ Drag and drop the patterned paper you'd like on your letter into the template. It will automatically land above the candy stripe layer and below the shading layer.

Referencing the above image:
1) Make sure the patterned paper you want is above the base layer, above the candy stripe layer, and below the shading layer. 
2) Control/click the small letter layer icon to select the letter base. You should now see a "sparkly" outline on your letter. 
3) In the top bar choose "Select" and then choose "Inverse." This will select all the area that isn't your letter.
4) In the top bar choose "Edit" and then "Cut" away the outside paper.
Doing all that will leave you with a transparent background file that can now be File Save As... a png file.
It will look like this:
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