Monday, November 3, 2014

Kit 128 Vintage Figures Freebies

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I start browsing vintage paintings and I can pass hours doing it, forgetting where I am, just drinking in the shadows and highlights, the genius of the painter in capturing emotions and expressions. I especially love vintage paintings of children. I know they couldn't sit there to pose that long so I imagine the painter running after them, treasuring up the turn of their noses so he can capture it later when they've abandon their set and started playing. I especially love that many vintage paintings of posed children clearly show the boredom or frustration of posing for a portrait painting.
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Here's a matching freebie pack. I designed this set so you can string it together in a banner. I've included a freebie brad for you. It is also in the for sale brad pack so technically there are 21 brads in the for sale pack. I love classical paintings of children. They are gorgeous. My favorite in this set is the little boy with the newspaper hat (bottom right of for sale preview). The painting is so crisp and he's so darling.

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128 Vintage Figures children brads

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