Friday, July 5, 2013

"Park Day" Templates Freebies Directory

Find the "Park Day" Templates Pack at Daisies and Dimples HERE
Matching freebies are down at the bottom of this post.
Get ready to scroll because I made videos for the 
"Park Day" Template pack

Matching Freebies:


ike said...

Eerrm - sorry - am I being dense, but I don't know what exactly is being the Freebie here at that link ?? What am I looking for ?

IKE xxx

Administrator said...

The freebies will be placed in the bottom table as they are released this week. The first was released today, a paper pack.

ike said...

FANTASTIC - these are really lovely. I adore this set. :-D
Thank you very much :-)
IKE xxxx

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome! I love these!! THANK YOU!! *hugs*


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Totally awesome, thank you! Hugs!!

DawnG said...

As always I love your sets Thank you!