Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Make a Kit-Kit Freebies Directory

Look what I made with my Make-a-Kit Kit!

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The Make-A-Kit Kit
I thought the world could use a Make-A-Kit Kit for designers. I created these PSD files for Photoshop Elements (I use Photoshop Elements 10) and Photoshop.  You’re going to love my magical alphabet brad! (See my download 8 description for details) Are some of the files hefty? Yep. These are the big time files that will make your life so much easier. What about my terms of use? I made it for designers (& Photoshoppy scrappers).  It is Commercial Use OK (Meaning you can go ahead and make money with it however you want, never having to worry about giving me credit as the designer.) The Make-A-Kit kit is also for PU and S4H. (Buy the regular kit with PNG & JPG files HERE for $1.99
Download 1 is a 5 colored polka dot paper PSD file. Choose four different polka dot colors and one background color. This includes 5 color fill layers, a light texture layer, a distress layer, and a shadow layer for the dot edges. The image is 12x12” 300dpi. The PSD file is 116MB unzipped and 45.3 MB zipped up as download 1. Here at Daisies and Dimples we do our best to keep each download file under or close to 30MB but this one, even zipped, is too awesome to fit in a package that small. Thank you for your patience downloading it.
Download 2 is a 5 colored plaid paper PSD File. Choose four stripe colors and one background color or go crazy and chose 8 different stripe colors. How do you make a plaid PSD file? Erm… rotate your stripes so some are vertical and some are horizontal, and then ghost them. These are ghosted to 70% visible (Photoshoppers will probably understand that.) This PSD file includes 4 vertical color layers, 4 horizontal color layers, a light texture layer, and one background layer. The image is 12x12” 300dpi. The PSD file is 77.3MB unzipped and 8.38MB zipped up as download 2.
Download 3 is a 5 colored striped paper. It includes 4 color fill layers for the stripes, one background color fill layer, and one light texture layer on top. The image is 12x12” 300dpi. This PSD file is 73.2MB unzipped and 8.04MB zipped into download 3.
Download 4 is a muted floral print paper. This PSD file includes a light texture layer, a floral print layer, and a color fill layer. The image is 12x12” 300dpi. This PSD file is 105MB unzipped and 39.5MB zipped into download 4.
Download 5 is a star printed paper with stars of various sizes scatter across it. This PSD file includes 4 star color fill layers, one background layer, and a light texture layer. The image is 12x12” 300dpi. This PSD file is 74.1MB unzipped and 6.3MB zipped into download 5.
Download 6 is a chevron print paper. Call me crazy, but I like a little shadow on my chevron stripes so I included 2 shadow layers in case you do too. This PSD file also includes 2 chevron stripe color fill layers and a light texture layer.  The image is 12x12” 300dpi. This PSD file is 56.1MB unzipped and 11.4MB zipped into download 6.
Download 7 is a solid colored textured paper. This PSD file is color fill layer with a distressed layer over it. The image is 12x12” 300dpi. This PSD file is74.8MB unzipped and 42.6MB zipped into download 7. I am sorry I’m not more computer savvy so I can’t tell you why a rinky dink 2 layer file is so big. However, it makes beautiful distressed paper. Your customers will love it.
Download 8 is a zipped file of 3 different files. You’re seriously going to love me. The (1)alphabet brad is a single PSD file brad. It has a color fill layer, a beveled glass highlight layer, and a chrome rim layer. Alphabet and shape layers are all in white with a Times New Roman font. Of course you may change the font color in Photoshop  or Photoshop elements. The shapes are heart, star, and flower. Each Letter is on its own layer. There is a capital alphabet and a lower case alphabet (All centered) so all you have to do is unhide the letter layer you want, change the brad color to what you want and save your awesome PNG file. Seriously, making an alphabet for you kits has never been easier. This little cutie of a PSD file is worth the cost of the whole Make-A-Kit Kit. It will save you hours of work. The next file in this zip is a simple little (2)bow I tied, took a picture of, and digitally cut out. It has the shadow/texture layer and a color fill layer beneath.  And lastly I’m including the cutest (3)trim I’ve ever made. It is a scalloped trim that includes 5 color fill layers (Yep 5) and a shadow layer full of those fun wrinkles and dimensional shadows (no fear, the drop shadow doesn’t leave the edges of the image).

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