Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday's Guest Freebies

I am in this quirky phase where I'm trying to figure out what kind of advertising I like for my blog.  Now that I have traffic it is something I need to think about.  So for a while, as I try every which way and what, please be patient.  My content is here... somewhere between and around ads.  My goal is that advertisers pay for my work and you don't.  Wish me luck.  I was on Craft Crave and saw this ad and loved it.  I've never made a book with Blurb but they have beautiful ads.  I wonder, after I print out all my 8x10 scrapbook layouts, don't I spend just as much as if I had them printed in a real book?  I did print a book for my grandmother. It was one of those memory lane photo collections with 1950's nostalgia pictures in it.  Wouldn't you know we found a picture, included it in the book, thinking it was her, and she asked... "Who's this??" It wasn't her.  And now it is hard bound forever, plus we haven't a clue who it is.  Here's a picture we did get right though.
That is a "The Cutest Blog on the Block" blog background from a "function print screen." I love their blog backgrounds. I love free and they have tons of free backgrounds and themes to choose from... and oddly enough it translates to an heirloom page in a book for my granny too.

For today's freebies we're just going to get Sunshine's creations out of the way here first... I say that because I open screens as I find what I love and Sunshine just hit on too many for me today.  I love too much.  It's like being at the Quilted Bear (my favorite craft mall). Made me dizzy with glee for a moment there.  Let me just bump up a table for this... just a sec.

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Like the shameless self promotion of my bows?  I had an empty cell. Look at Sunshine's creations.  Wow, huh?  I love the flowers and the lady bugs.  I love the twist bow set because you can pop one onto a tag.  I hate the... now I have a tag I like but it needs a tie and where do I get that... problem. SOLVED.  Here are some tags with that problem.  My snowman tag tie is so stiff because it isn't really a tie.  I did some fancy smanchy... (smanchy isn't a word??) Photoshop work with a shadow to make it look like it wrapped around.

Allrighty... Google Chrome says Allrighty isn't a word.  Guess they're not from Utah and don't know my Granny.  On with the show!
This is what made me smile today:

I had to go digging for that green polka and it still doesn't match.  Sigh.  I'm impressed with Dee's goodies this week.  I can't help myself.  I'm a sucker for stripes and dots.  I love her color combos.  Gorgeous. And she said thanks for featuring her yesterday.  I love the thanks I get.  I appreciate your comments and emails. I read them all and send you invisible hugs.... and for those very few grumpys I send you invisible b vitamins.

I love the amount of goodies in Diana's "My Sweet Valentine."  It is a real freebie.  She, like me, offers it in parts.  I like those colors.  I can see myself scrapping some pictures of my 7 year old to pop around her room and then driving off to the fabric store to make up a valance and some toss pillows in these colors.  Darling.  Donna's elements (above right) are perfect for so many things.  The gold frame for journaling.  I love the brackets too.

Have you spent time at Far Far Hill?  They have so many beautiful scans.  It is a treasure trove.  Set aside some Me Time and visit.  I love their Victorian images.

Scraps Dimension's bright Valentine kit fascinates me.  You see that plaid bright cornflower blue and yellow/hot pink paper in the back?  Gorgeous.  I'm also thrilled with the hearts that dangle from curly ribbon.  Gorgeous work!


Diana said...

Thank you for featuring my freebie Valentine Kit.

What a lovely blog and so many gorgeous elements...Love your work as well.

Diana's Creations

Dee said...

Thank you Sheryl for highlighting Metro Chic. I love all fabrics & textures but polka dots, stripes & checks have to be my fave. Aww your polka dot almost matched. My 6 y.o. has a summer dress of that colour though if it's any consolation lol. Hugs and thank you again for spoiling my site this week. Dee