Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday's Guest Freebies

Hydrangeas!  Gorgeous Flowers and ribbon.

I wonder how hydrangeas would look with dots and
stripes.  Hmmm

Ohhhhh, how sweet!!!
card layout-005
Ohhhh how sweet!!!!..(Sounds recently familiar) 


Wow. I just browsed my paper directory and I'm missing so many.... Sigh... do to list....way down there....
after I finish the PNG directory buff up the paper directory.

Ohhhh, how sw.... Okay, I can't say that again can I?

I wonder if my polkas are close enough to use with
her trim cluster.

OOOOOOO- neat!!  Rhymes with sweet.

This made it to my really neat images file. That's
how much I liked it. I'm not generous at putting
things in there.  

This also matches her recent papers.

This comes from a darling "for sale" kit.  I love the
freebie and it really made me look twice at buying
the kit.

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