Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday's Guest Freebies.

She has those papers on her site for free too. Cute
Font... Wait, Photoshop Victorian Let.  I think I've
used that one on something before.  Looks good
here, especially with the matching papers.

How cute!  I love girly girl papers.

She has more papers for free below this set on her
blog.  I am so impressed with these fun butterflies.


Every day I say I'm done noticing purple and it
seems like every day someone does something fun
and gorgeous with purple...Maybe I should just
accept this and celebrate it.

Love this!!! Cute flying bugs!  Ohhhhh, so nice.

Hmmm, purple and blue?  It looks so pleasant.  I'm
 liking it. How fun is that tilting tree??

I don't really think you can get too many digi
flowers.  One flower can change the whole feel of
a page.

I love these swirls.  Beautiful

Fun!  And So many.

Even at tagger size (educate me here, what is tagger
size?) this paper is darling.
I love the distressed look of this paper.


Michelle said...

Thank you Granny for showing off my freebie on your blog..Very sweet of you...Love your site too...((HUGS)) Michelle ~ Crafty Scraps

Dee said...

Many thanks Sheryl for highlighting my swirls. Tagger size is usually created at 72dpi anywhere from 500px to 800px wide/high so Taggers may use to create Sig Tags, hope that helps, if not take a peek at My Tags on my blog and you'll see what I mean. Hugs Dee

sheyzz said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and highlighting my freebies on your blog! I'm happy that you love the butterflies :) *hugs*