Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday's Guest Freebies ~Mel Stampz

I have one of the largest digital scrapbook freebies boards on Pinterest.  Follow it for more freebies.

6 Guest Freebies:
Heads up: This guest uses Flickr to host some of her freebies. On the black Flickr screens in the bottom right corner there is a skinny down arrow that means download.
free printable Christmas paper set #2 previewML Moroccan Tile CHALKBOARD small scale 12 and a half inch SQ 350dpi mel stampz
patterned tags PNG

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About my Guest Freebies: I enjoy sharing gorgeous Digital Scrapbook Freebies I find every day. The digi scrap world is full of freebies from generous designers. These Freebies are linked to the original post where I found them. In most cases I have not created these freebies and am not promoting them for advertising $. Indeed, in most cases I've never even met the designers. This is a service for GrannyEnchanted followers. You've told me you enjoy it so I'm still highlighting guests. It is always nice to leave a "Thank you" on the guest's page if you download a freebie from them. I schedule these posts in advance and apologize if any freebies have expired by the time you see them. As always, a big thank you to the generous and talented designers featured here.


Find tons of color friendly digital scrapbook freebies at:

More freebies:
Find more digital scrapbook freebies at:

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